Garden for Birds

Join our community to take action to support birds.

Yellow Warbler by Bob MacDonnell / Macaulay Library.

Birds Need Our Help

What we plant in our yards, on our patios or porches, and around our properties can have an impact on birds. Let’s make smart choices, together. We’ll guide you along the way. Join us to learn about how you can take small steps to help bring the birds back.

Watch This Short Video to Learn Why Gardening for Birds Matters

Video footage of foraging birds intermixed with interviews and commentary on the role that birds play in our ecosystems and how our gardens can better support them. Produced by Kristen H. Chan, Cornell Communications undergraduate student.

We Are Creating Resources to Support Your Effort

Search for Natives

We’ve chosen a selection of websites that will help you as you learn more about native plants you want to add to your property.

False sunflower, bee balm and echinacea by Becca Rodomksy-Bish.

Deer Are an Issue

If deer are frequent visitors to your garden, use these regional plant lists to help you find less palatable options for browsers.

Deer can be a menace in the garden. Photo by Scott Carrol / Unsplash CC.

Planting Palette

Take a play out of a landscape architect’s play book. Use this tool for experienced gardeners who are trying to maximize resources.

Planting palettes are a way to inventory your gardens and find gaps in resources for birds.

Month-by-Month Guide

Each month you’ll have a different checklist. Depending on your region, you may be ahead of this list or trailing a bit behind. Don’t sweat it, but make sure to do the step specified on the call-out button each month.


  1. __ Identify where you will plant your plant. 
  2. __ Take a “before” photo of your patch.
  3. __ Upload your before picture here.
  4. __ Consider what to plant. 
  5. __ Decide where to get your plant.
Photo by Lars Jones. Homeowner who began to garden for birds in 2019 when this photo was taken. Stay-tuned for the after photo.

Along the Way

We’ll provide you with monthly emails to deepen your journey in supporting birds at home and in your community.

In addition, we’ll offer discounts on native plants and bird-friendly goodies from Garden for Wildlife!

This project runs from March 2024 – October 2024; with the follow-up survey happening in November.  Completing all surveys will enter you in a drawing for one of four gifts.

We’ll reach out via monthly emails during the growing season. Participation is voluntary. If you decide this project isn’t for you, you can withdraw from the project directly from any of our emails.

What do you say? Are you ready to take more actions to support birds?

Ruby-crowned Kinglet forages on sumac ©️ Blair Dudeck / Macaulay Library.
Garden for Wildlife native plants support American Goldfinch and other birds.

Garden for Wildlife Partner

In collaboration with Garden for Wildlife, we’ll help you find the right plants for your yard.

Sometimes knowing what to plant and where to get those plants can be half the battle in planting for birds. Garden for Wildlife will make these decisions easier on your mind and your wallet.

Since 1973, Garden for Wildlife™ by the National Wildlife Federation has empowered individuals to transform their spaces into wildlife-friendly habitats using native plants. Our plants support birds, bees, and butterflies and are grown without harmful chemicals by a network of local growers and shipped directly to your doorstep. 

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