Join us February 18–21, 2022

Each year people from around the world come together to watch, learn about, count, and celebrate birds.

Carolina Chickadee by Brad Imhoff/Macaulay Library

Connect to Birds, to Nature, and with Each Other

Birds are everywhere, all the time, doing fascinating things. Join us, February 18–21, 2022, when the world comes together for the love of birds.

Photos clockwise from top left: Sujan Henkanaththegeda/GBBC; Maria Joao Chambel/GBBC; Julie Bruhnke/GBBC; Freya McGregor/Birdability.

Be Part of a Global Event

Watch observation lists roll in from around the world. Each submitted checklist becomes a glowing light on our bird sightings map.

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eBird checklist submissions from around the world.

Share Your Birds with Us

The Great Backyard Bird Count uses eBird, one of the world’s largest nature databases. It stores more than 100 million bird sightings contributed each year and is used by professionals for science and conservation. Contribute to eBird and become a citizen scientist.

New to the Great Backyard Bird Count or to using eBird? Explore our How to Participate on options for entering your bird lists.

Common Redshank on one foot
Common Redshank by Ben Lucking/Macaulay Library

Showcase Your Photos from the Count

We enjoy seeing your pictures from the count. Share pictures of birds, yourself, and others birdwatching in your yards or at your favorite birding spots.

People and bird images from GBBC events.
Top row: Cheryl Taylor, U.S.; Olive-backed Sunbird by Amar-Singh HSS; Luke Parry, U.S.; Northern Pygmy-Owl by Liam Hutcheson. Second row: House Wren (Southern) by Phillip Edwards; Tiare Rivera, Chile; Eastern Bluebird by Brad Imhoff; Samantha Pitts, U.S.. Third row: Medardo Curz-López, Mexico; Northern Cardinal by Micah Hale; Uma Pandiya, Qatar; Red-breasted Merganser by Frank Lin.

Mother birding with child in snow.
Jamie Burris/GBBC

We all need an incentive to get outside mid-winter and look for birds beyond what we can see from our windows. It’s fun to see the little flashes of light on the map when we submit our counts, among the thousands around the world, and we know our data matter.

Barb Gorges, Wyoming, United States

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