Birding For Everybody

Photo by Melanie Furr

In Collaboration with Birdability

We want birding to be an activity that is welcoming, inclusive, and accessible to every person. Using Birdability’s resources, we want to help grow an international effort to make public birding more available to everybody no matter their access challenges.

As a part of your participation in the Great Backyard Bird Count, consider contributing to Birdability’s Map!

Map A Birding Site

Map of all the Birdability sites around the world.
Birdability Map, 2021.

In an effort to better communicate the conditions of public birding locations around the world, Birdability invites you to add to their map of public places to bird. Help others learn ahead of time the trail conditions, potential obstacles, amenities, or other important information about the accessibility of locations.

Service Learning Project

A group of people birding with different mobility challenges.
Accessible outing lead by Birdability. Photo by Freya McGregor.

If you are a youth educator or mentor, consider adding to the Birdability Map for a service learning project. Go birding over the 4-day count, then add as many details as you can about the location to the map. Every body will benefit from knowing ahead of time if a location provides the amenities they need to feel safe, welcome, and included while birding.

For questions on submitting to the Birdability Map, please email

Birdability logo that has a White-breasted Nuthatch.