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Birdwatching in Mexico
Sergio Castaneda in Mexico/GBBC.
Sipu Kumar in Uttarakhand, India/GBBC.
Lisa Birt in United States/GBBC.

Please add your school, university, education center, library, museum, nature preserve, Audubon Center, religious/spiritual organization, conservation organization, or other community group organizing a Great Backyard Bird Count event.  If the event is open to the public, make sure to include contact information so others know how to join your flock.

Want to join a public bird event? Zoom in on the map and click on markers near you. Then, reach out directly to the organization using the posted information.

To use the map, zoom and click on markers. Or, you can use the menu in the top left to search by Country, State, organization, etc. To see the search list results, open the menu icon on the top right of the map. Note that the map will not immediately update , but your event will post within 24 hours.

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