Explore Local Results

While the world comes together for the birds during GBBC, sometimes it’s fun to review the accomplishments of your local community, county, region, or State/Province/Territory. Below, use the guide to learn how to search eBird for local results.

Delve Into eBird

  1. Navigate to eBird to begin your investigation.

2. You’ll want to search by State, Province, Territory, etc, first.

3. Click where it says “Change Location” and type in your details.

4. In the example, we chose Delaware. Delaware only has 3 counties.

  • You can click on each county to get details on bird sightings in those places over GBBC.

5. You can click on the Species or Checklist columns to organize the data by those fields.

6. Make sure to notice the beautiful media that was uploaded in that region during GBBC.

7. Notice that at the top of the page are the total number of species, checklists, counties, and hotspots that can be found in Delaware.

  • Explore the hotspots in your region if you are interested in learning about new places that may have more birds you’d like to see.

8. That’s all there is to it!

  • Make sure to check back around April 1st when all the late submissions are entered and most rare sightings have been added.