Spreading the Love of Birds

We want to recognize the hard work of the following organizations that make the Great Backyard Bird Count a success in their country or communities.

Bird Count India

In 2013, when GBBC reunited with eBird for collecting and storing data, Bird Count India made this project an annual event. Each year, they encourage more and more bird enthusiasts to document the birds in their communities. These reports demonstrate the continued growth of this effort that historically places India in the top three countries contributing data!

SAVE Brasil

In 2021, we collaborated with SAVE Brasil to bring Portuguese as a language option on our website. This effort has helped to increase global participation in Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries.

SAVE Brasil benefits 55 of the 166 threatened bird species in the country. For 17 years the Brazilian BirdLife International partner has been developing and implementing strategies for bird conservation in the wild. We always work together with local, national and international organizations, governmental agencies, researchers, communities, and people. In this way, we are spread all over Brazil with more than ten biodiversity conservation projects focused on birds. Support their work!