Share Your Experience

Birds are everywhere, even right off your balcony. Photo by Tiare Rivera/GBBC.

We enjoy hearing from people about their Great Backyard Bird Count participation. In 2021, we decided to make this a formal process! Share your story with us and we’ll put together an article to inspire others to join in the fun of connecting to birds and nature.

Stories from Past Counts

Below are stories submitted by participants from around the world. Birding can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere!

  • Birding in snowy Ithaca.
    First Birding Experience in America

    My first experience birding in North America was rewarding and exciting. I enjoyed comparing the birds I observed in the cold here to those at home in warmer Botswana. 

  • Verditer Flycatcher perched on a branch.
    Barkatullah University in India Runs a Campus Bird Count

    Each year we do a Campus Bird Count (CBC) to document our local avian diversity. Overall, the bird count was really an interesting and exciting event. We realized the importance of the niche role our campus plays in the conservation of ecologically important avifauna.