Bird Courses

Great Blue Heron in Canada by Danielle Cooper / Macaulay Library.

There is always more to learn about birds. Explore these great course-offerings to begin your next online-learning adventure.

Bird Academy

  • More than 15 courses for curious learners at all levels
  • Diverse topics from nature journaling to sparrow identification
  • Complete at your own pace; revisit topics as often as you wish
  • Interactive quizzes, games, and bird ID challenges
Barn Owl in Bird Academy advertisement.
Barn Owl/Bird Academy.

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Try this FREE Bird Academy course–eBird Essentials to make the most of your Great Backyard Bird Count weekend.

Cerulean Warbler on a branch used for Bird Academy promotion.
Cerulean Warbler/Bird Academy

Birds Canada

Young boy with earphones.
Bird Canada advertisement.
Woman birding with Florida Scrub-Jay on her binoculars
Florida Scrub-Jay by Louise Hunt/GBBC.

I enjoy participating and learning more about bird behavior. Thank you for creating a great database and expanding globally.

Anonymous Great Backyard Bird Count participant