Get Ready for the Count

Welcome, we are glad you found our annual, international bird count!

  1. Watch birds for 15 minutes or more, at least once over the four days and tell us what you see!
  2. You can count as many times as you want over the four-days.
  3. You have three choices of how to enter data. See below
  4. Your participation matters by contributing to one of the largest international bird data-bases.

Step-by-step instructions for entering data on…

  • Using Merlin Bird ID to Participate

    Welcome! If you are NEW to the Great Backyard Bird Count and have a smartphone, we recommend using the Merlin Bird ID app to participate. (No smartphone? Here’s how to enter your data on a computer.)

    Using Merlin Bird ID in…

  • Using eBird Mobile to Participate

    Welcome! If you have previously entered data for the Great Backyard Bird Count, or tried Merlin Bird ID and now want to enter more birds, we recommend you use the eBird Mobile app to enter your bird sightings.

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    With eBird…

  • Three different birdlists
    Using eBird on a Computer to Participate

    Welcome! If you want to enter your bird(s) for the Great Backyard Bird Count on a computer and/or don’t have a smartphone, we’ll walk you through how to enter data on a desktop or laptop.

    Submit Data to eBird on Computer


  • Instructions for Group Counts

    This counting approach is popular among birding community groups that count together, but only one person feels comfortable entering the bird list.

    Identify the leader responsible for collecting the entire list of birds from the group count.

    All the birds need to…