Sandhill Cranes by Georgia Wilson/GBBC

Historical Photo Gallery

Overall Winner: Tufted Titmouse by Jenny Burdette/GBBC


More 2019 Winners (PDF)

Overall winner: Tricolored Heron by Thomas Anderson/GBBC


More 2018 Winners (PDF)

Overall Winner: Great Egret by Judy Lyle/GBBC


More 2017 Winners (PDF)

Pair of White-winged Crossbills on a branch over water.Overall Winner: White-winged Crossbill by Nick Saunders/GBBC


More 2016 Winners (PDF)

Overall Winner: Red-tailed Hawk by Peter/GBBC


More 2015 Winners (PDF)

Pair of Sandhill Cranes flying with the moon in the background.Overall Winner: Sandhill Crane by Georgia Wilson/GBBC


More 2014 Winners (PDF)

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