Social Media

New Tool Kit!

If you are an organization looking for a guide on how to promote GBBC. Look no further.

We’ve provided this resource to help make life easier. We invite you to use the images below, or use pictures of your own to get your community excited about join us!

Liz Paul in United States/GBBC.

Images to Share

Enjoy these special downloadable square images you can use on Facebook, Instagram, or other social media channels to tell your connections about the Great Backyard Bird Count. Be sure to link the images to our website: These gorgeous images are a great way to inspire people to get outside and bird.

Instructions for Download:
1) Click on the green box below the image of your choosing;
2) Right click on the image;
3) Copy or Save PNG image to your desktop;
4) Use the image for email, social media, etc.

Thank you for helping to spread the word on this event.