• Birds Canada
  • Explorer’s Guidebook

    Get kids outside and enjoying your backyard, neighborhood, and local parks. Take kids on a habitat scavenger hunt, create a sound map, and test bird ID skills with this adaptable activity book designed to be used by families, school groups, and…

  • Children birding at window
    Seven Simple Actions

    Helping birds can be as simple as making changes to everyday habits. Here’s our quick list of 7 Simple Actions you can take to help birds.

  • Native Plants

    Bring more birds to your home with native plants. Audubon’s native plants database

  • Girl photographing purple cone flower
    Kid’s Photography Challenge

    From scavenger hunts to a seasonal calendar…

  • Birdwatching in Mexico
    Press Release

    Download, print, or send our news release to local media outlets or organizations to spread the word about this special international bird count. Please encourage reporters to use images from our social media page for their stories. Or, media outlets…

  • Climate Change and Birds

    Climate change is projected to increase the frequency with which birds have to weather heavy precipitation events.

  • Deer and Birds

    Could Deer Hunting Improve Habitat For Forest Birds?

  • Messy Wildlife Garden

    Learn how to create ‘messy’ beautiful gardens for wildlife